Founded in faith and stewardship.

People helping people.

Based on fellowship and strong local roots, Concordia Life Plan Community is committed to upholding Christian values while meeting the current and continuing needs of seniors of all beliefs and faiths.

At Concordia, we believe strong faith and a strong soul are vital to quality of life. Finding a connection to your inner values can give meaning to your days and expand your sense of purpose. Refreshing your soul offers many benefits and residents are encouraged to join us each day for our morning devotional to start the day off right. You’ll have access to our on-site chapel, visiting chaplains, Catholic Rosary, bible study groups or you may choose to continue your participation in your local church family.

Spirituality is part of day-to-day life at Concordia. Community partners, representing a wide variety of beliefs and denominations, are available to provide spiritual support to all residents and their families.

Keeping your soul healthy also depends upon maintaining social activity. To support this, we offer a variety of engaging social opportunities. From Bible studies and classes to scheduled outings, there is something for everyone.

We welcome those of all faith and beliefs as we embody our Christian heritage — serving one another with compassion, dignity, and respect.