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Ed Herider

Ed Herider’s schedule is so busy that his own sister has a hard time getting a lunch date.

Herider is 78, and lives at Concordia Life Care Community. Since moving, he has logged more volunteer hours in his community than he can count.

“I have been single my entire adult life and I was quite content, but after moving, I saw so many ways I could impact the lives of others and help my new neighborhood flourish,” he said.

He made the decision to move for one simple reason.

“I wanted to stay in control,” Herider said.

After experiencing what he called a wake-up call, he realized if his health failed him, a host of important decisions would fall on his sister, impacting her and her family. He decided he needed to do something he never thought he would consider: leaving his beautiful home of 36 years.

It was not an easy decision. After all, he was perfectly healthy, and quite capable of staying in his home.

Herider wanted to make a move while he had choices and could be part of the process.

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