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Alverna “JO” Scribner: Confidence in Concordia

Concordia was simply the most sensible choice for resident Alverna “Jo” Scribner. “I’ve maintained my three-bedroom house by myself and it’s become more than I want to deal with,” says Jo. In fact, she found that living at Concordia will give her the freedom to do, or not do, as she pleases. “I’m looking forward to having someone else prepare my meals!” she beams.

Not only will Jo have access to a wide variety of amenities, she’ll also have guaranteed access to long-term health care, should it ever be needed. “With Life Care, I’m getting security as well as a good investment for my family,” she remarks. “On top of that, I’m also going to be living among friends I already have, and others I have yet to meet.”

I’m looking forward to dining every night while enjoying the company of new neighbors who have similar interests to my own,” Jo claims, “and I won’t be bothered anymore with the house, the yard and paying all those bills – I’ll just have one!

Jo feels as if Concordia is the answer to her prayers, saying ecstatically, “I’m so confident in my decision . I couldn’t be happier!

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