Concordia has deep roots in the Oklahoma City community and as Oklahomans and Christians, we embrace the opportunity to help others and change lives in the greater community. Of course, as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Oklahoma corporation, part of our responsibility is to give back to the greater Oklahoma City community by identifying and addressing unmet needs among the senior population.

Providing Elder Care Solutions and Resources for Seniors in Need

Our senior community’s residents, board and team members see social responsibility as much more than just a corporate obligation, we see it as part of the fabric of our culture and something that makes us who we are: Retirement living provider, care givers, social coordinators, spiritual counselors, friends and family. It’s our mission to provide compassionate elder care solutions for those who call Concordia home, as well as to serve seniors in the greater Oklahoma City community through three key outreach programs; a Durable Medical Equipment/Furniture Program, Mobile Meals Program, and a Wellness on Wheels Program. In addition to these outreach ministries, residents and team members give and share generously through volunteerism, collection drives, and special fundraisers.

Click here to view Concordia’s 2014-2015 Social Accountability Report

For details about our senior community’s key outreach programs read about the Wellness on Wheels Program (pages 6-7) and the DME/Furniture Program (pages 8-9).

Concordia’s 2013 Social Accountability Report

For details about our Social Initiatives check out our Wellness on Wheels Program and our DME/Furniture Program.

Social Accountability Testimonials

“I like to deliver furniture to people who don’t have much of anything. Most of the people we deliver furniture to through the DME/Furniture Program are elderly and they are happy to have the stuff we take to them. Their happiness makes me feel happy that I could help.”

  • Joel Lozano
    Concordia Maintenance Team Member


“I am so proud to be a part of Concordia’s DME/Furniture Program. There is nothing like seeing all the smiles and all the thanks that we get through this program.”  

  • Roy White
    Concordia Maintenance Team Member


“The meals are always delicious and the Mobile Meals program is such a blessing to me. My husband passed away three years ago, and during the time I stayed with him in the hospital they learned I was all by myself and let me know about the mobile meals program. I really enjoy visiting with the volunteers from Concordia Life Care Community and thank you for providing this wonderful service.”

  • Virginia Brown
    Concordia Mobile Meals Recipient


“I am grateful that the wellness clinic nurses come to Danforth Senior Center to check my blood pressure regularly. When I first began attending the wellness clinics provided by Concordia, my blood pressure was elevated because I was not taking my medication as prescribed. The nurse encouraged me to take my medication on a regular basis, and what really helped me was the nurse explained the action of the medication and the consequences if not taken on a regular basis. I feel better since the nurse has been coming to Danforth Senior Center, and I look forward to their visits to come check on me. My blood pressure has significantly improved thanks to the Wellness on Wheels clinics and nurses.” 

  • Trudy M.
    Danforth Senior Center resident


“On July 1, 2015, I met a new client who was sleeping on a toddler bed with springs coming through the mattress. A bed suitable in size for a 2 to 3-year-old but as he said “it was better than sleeping on the floor”. Because of Sunbeam’s partnership with Concordia’s DME/Furniture Program, I felt certain that in time a bed could be found in time.

I relayed Mr. Perkin’s situation to both Bryan Fitz and Paige Haag, of Concordia, knowing that if Concordia did not have a bed, perhaps they could offer others to contact.

During my home visit with Mr. Perkins, I had mentioned the possibility that a bed and perhaps other furniture might be acquired through a partnership with another agency. As with most of our ADvantage clients, he appreciated the idea but wanted to be sure that other people more “deserving” were taken care of first.

He had no living room furniture other than a side table that held medical equipment, a recliner that no longer reclined, only wobbled when sat upon, a dining chair that a gust of wind could blow on its side and, a dining room table backed into the corner with hopes it would not fall over.

I knew that the furniture had been delivered yesterday because Mr. Perkins called while anxiously waiting on the delivery drivers. In conversation with him this afternoon, he became emotional as he expressed his thanks for the best night sleep he had had in as long as he could remember. The bed had been something that another individual had thrown away and the other furnishings in his apartment had been acquired in the same manner. He now has an end table beside his bed and hopes soon to find a bedside lamp.

As his voice cracked, he said his back did not hurt when he woke up today and that even though he does not yet have the proper bedding, he used the bedding from the toddler bed and laid in the middle of the bed and had room to roll over to either side.

He was enjoying the ability to sit in his living room now that he has a sofa and coffee table. He typically sat in his power chair because that was the most stable thing he had to sit on.

Mr. Perkins asked that I say “Thank You” to the people that blessed him. The delivery drivers did not make him feel like he was a charity case and that meant so much to him.

Paige has been such a blessing to my members and as this illustrates, Bryan will be just as helpful. Thank you both for being a blessing to the community we serve! Through the generosity of Concordia’s DME/Furniture Program, you both are changing lives!

  • Cyndi McWilliams, MSW, CM
    ADvantage Case Manager
    Sunbeam Family Services


“Wheat Ridge Ministries is a proud partner of the Wellness on Wheels program through our Burst Project Grant program. This program provides mobile wellness clinics to seniors who may not have transportation or access to health services nearby.

With Oklahoma ranked as 47th in the nation on an index of least healthy states for older adults, Concordia Life Care Community is standing in that gap to improve services. The program has expanded exponentially since it started in 2003 with 8 clinics. In 2015, they are on track to provide 50 clinics.

This program stands out as one that is clearly and measurably meeting the needs of seniors, improving their access to services and ensuring a higher quality of life.

Wheat Ridge has a special interest and commitment to projects led by young adults and we are excited to lift up the leadership and passion of Miss Megan Warn-Carter who coordinates and leads Wellness on Wheels.”

  • Joanne Otte, Diaconal Minister
    Director of Programs
    Wheat Ridge Ministries



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