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It’s important to maintain a level of wellness in all dimensions as you age: physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. Find health tips for seniors to ensure you’re living a healthy, happy and longer life!

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Senior discussing whether her memory loss could be signs of Alzheimer’s disease with her doctorNormal Age-Related Memory Loss vs. Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

For many aging adults, those little lapses in memory lightheartedly referred to as “senior moments” seem to increase every week. there have probably been several instances where you can’t remember the aisle your car is parked in…Read More


Seniors avoiding isolation and loneliness over the winterHow to Avoid Isolation in the Winter

When older adults live alone in their homes, their chances of becoming socially isolated greatly increase. Perhaps a spouse has recently passed away, or a close friend moved to a warmer climate, leaving you with less of a support…Read More


Understanding Memory Loss & Memory Care CommunitiesUnderstanding Memory Loss & Memory Care Communities

It is normal for older people to experience lapses in memory every now and again, or sometimes have a difficult time remembering a name. But when does the occasional “senior moment” become cause for true concern…Read More


Memory Loss Cause for ConcernWhen Memory Issues Are Cause for Concern

A concern that is commonly voiced by adult children is that their aging parent is beginning to get forgetful. Maybe they are losing their keys more frequently. Perhaps they uncharacteristically failed to pay some bills on time…Read More


Senior man ensuring a successful recovery by taking part in a senior rehabilitation programThe Importance of Senior Rehabilitation

Following a hospital stay for an injury, surgery or illness, many seniors begin a rehabilitation program designed to help them fully recover and improve their long-term health…Read More

Why “When Something Happens” is Too Late: Choosing the Best Living Options for Senior Couples in Need of Additional Care

One of the more difficult decisions couples face is deciding where to turn when one spouse is independent but the other is experiencing health issues that require additional support…Read More

The 8 Dimensions of WellnessThe 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Older adults are living longer, healthier lives today thanks both to advances in healthcare and the knowledge that staying well helps improve our minds, bodies and souls…Read More


healthy aging tipsPower Foods and Healthy Aging

Eating a well-balanced diet can start to become more difficult throughout the aging process. The metabolism slows down, which leads to a decline in physical activity and the body needing fewer calories to function properly…Read More


healthy aging tips10 Healthy Aging Tips

The stereotypes surrounding seniors are fairly easy to identify. For one, there’s the “cranky old man”, constantly yelling at kids to stay off his lawn…Read More


Signs of StrokeKnowing the Signs of Stroke

A stroke can be caused by a blocked artery, known as ischemic stroke, or the leaking or bursting of a blood vessel, which is hemorrhagic stroke…Read More


physical therapy for seniorsThe Importance of Physical Therapy for Seniors

The definition of physical therapy is “the treatment of disease, injury or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment and exercises rather than by drugs or surgery.” Physical therapists are trained to evaluate and teach individuals how to…Read More


music therapy for alzheimer'sThe Benefits of Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s

Music has a way of bringing us back to a certain moment in time, evoking memories, emotions and feelings from our past. Listening to certain songs can bring comfort in times of sadness…Read More


nutrition for the agingHow Nutrition Needs Change as You Age

Eating a proper diet is vital at any age to help us stay active and healthy, but for seniors, getting the right nutrition daily becomes even more important. A good diet provides numerous benefits, like helping build stronger bones and teeth, increasing …Read More


fall prevention tipsFall Prevention Tips

As people age, falling becomes more likely to lead to long-term consequences from broken bones or head injuries. For adults over age 65, one in five falls results in serious injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)...Read More


benefits of exercise for seniorsThe Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

It’s never too late to start engaging in a regular workout routine. The key is to find something you enjoy and start at a level that you can not only maintain, but can increase in intensity as you become stronger…Read More


Seniors playing dominoesThe Importance of Staying Socially Active

Did you know that staying socially active can help seniors maintain both good physical and emotional health? In fact, being socially active can be just as effective as exercise for improving your mood…Read More




machineSuccessful Aging for the Body

No matter your age, physical activity has countless benefits, including a healthier heart, stronger bones and improved flexibility. As we age, exercise for seniors has even more benefits, like protection from chronic diseases, lowering the chance of…Read More


maddie_1600x600_newSuccessful Aging for the Mind

Maintaining mental fitness is just as important to healthy aging as staying physically healthy. Just like our bodies need physical activities to say fit, an active brain is vital to memory support and keeping a young, healthy mind…Read More


lobby v2_1600x600_newSucessful Aging for the Spirit

Spiritual wellness is one of the eight dimensions of wellness and is a vital element to maintaining good overall health. Finding a connection to your inner values can give meaning to your days and expand your sense of purpose…Read More


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