Your future is brighter when it’s lit by knowledge led by Brad Breeding.

Date: October 15, 2020
Time: 10:00 am CST (11:00 am EST)
Location: Virtual Event

Better knowledge. Better decisions. Presented by Brad Breeding. October 15th at Concordia Life Plan Community.

Please accept our invitation to attend Brad Breeding’s, “Better Knowledge. Better Future,” a virtual event providing valuable facts and objective insights to help guide you through this time of uncertainty, including:
            • Helpful perspectives on the current financial markets
            • Ways to evaluate your own financial plans in this environment
            • Understanding the important role of housing in retirement planning
            • How the senior living industry and residents are responding to coronavirus
Led by Brad Breeding, a financial advisor, author and entrepreneur who focuses on the needs of seniors, this event will help you feel more confident as you make financial plans, consider the best place to live (including a senior living community like Concordia) and continue to protect yourself from COVID-19. You’ll be invited to submit a question to Mr. Breeding or representatives of Concordia Life Plan.
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