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A letter from the CEO

Dear Concordia family,

I want to provide an update on how Concordia is responding to COVID-19.

Our mission has always been to meet the current and continuing needs of seniors of all beliefs in a safe, secure, and supportive environment. The health and wellness of our staff and our residents is our top priority. Because of this, Concordia is working with national, state, and local partners to continue monitoring COVID-19.

Our community continues to implement proactive protocols out of an abundance of caution and compliance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and recommendations from public health officials for protection. We are also in constant communication with our residents and staff members through weekly virtual town hall meetings, daily phone calls, emails, and safely distanced and masked face-to-face conversations.

We understand the importance of connecting with your loved one during this time, so we are constantly working on creative ways to continue communication and to provide frequent updates to you. We’re thankful for the positive feedback and encouragement we’ve received from members of our community over the past several months. If you have any specific questions or concerns related to COVID-19, please give us a call or email

Thank you again for your prayers, patience, and support.

Danny Eischen,
Concordia Life Plan Community, CEO


The Oklahoma State Department of Health has developed the Oklahoma COVID-19 Alert System; a four-tiered risk measurement tool with corresponding color categories that identify the current COVID-19 risk level. This tool offers the public and local elected officials an easy way to recognize each county’s risk level.

Concordia will be monitoring this new alert system and will be sending out the new alert color every Friday. The risk assessed per county based on the number of cases per 100,000 cases.

Click here to find specific guidelines for your area.

The PDFs below are from the Health Department,


Oklahoma's Moderate Risk Phase


Below are additional PDF resources


COVID Safety Packet
WHO Home Health Care


Can family and friends outside of Concordia Life Plan Community visit?

No, unfortunately not during this period of self-quarantine. The exception is for paid caregivers providing medically necessary services. Please make sure your family members know they are not allowed on the property except to drop items off at the front door. Family members and friends are not allowed to visit you while you are on a walk or through your window or balcony. These types of visits pose a risk to everyone at Concordia.

Can I go to my doctor or dentist?

Only for urgent medical concerns if approved by our Medical Director. Please notify us as far in advance as possible for upcoming appointments. Concordia Life Plan Community will provide transportation to and from the appointment in these urgent situations. Call the valet staff to schedule transportation (405-417-1332). Residents going out for appointments need to wear a mask the entire time they are out and will need to quarantine in their apartment for the next 14 days after the appointment and a Concordia staff member will check temperature daily during this time frame.

What about going to the pharmacy?

Pharmacy deliveries are being received at the front entrance by appropriate medical personnel and delivered to individuals by staff. If you need a prescription picked up, please call our valet staff (405-417-1332) and we will pick it up for you and deliver it to your apartment. When we deliver it, we will have disinfected the bag and provide you a disinfectant wipe for you to sanitize the medication bottle.

What about the delivery of US Mail and Newspapers?

Concordia is receiving all mail and newspaper deliveries disinfecting/sanitizing them and delivering them to the appropriate residence in order to safeguard you from leaving your apartment.

What about other deliveries?

All package deliveries including FedEx, UPS, Amazon are being received at the main entrance and will be disinfected/sanitized before being delivered by Concordia personnel directly to your residence.

My son or daughter stops by weekly to help me manage my medications. Can he/she still do this?

No. During this period of self-quarantine only essential Concordia staff paid caregivers providing medically necessary services will be allowed access to the campus. If you have health related questions or concerns, contact the front desk at 405-720-7200 or Labeled, pre-filled medication boxes can be delivered to the main entrance and will be handled by the appropriate medical personnel, and will be delivered to the appropriate recipient.

Can I leave and return to campus in general (visiting friends/family, going out to eat, attending church, going for a drive etc.)?

No, unfortunately not. Some suggestions for social contact: FaceTime/Skype/Zoom.

We understand these are challenging times and we ask you not to leave-even to go for a drive in your car. You need to limit your exposure to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. See attached article about the importance of social distancing and the importance of not interacting with other people at this time. By leaving your residence or the community you are putting your own health and the health of the entire Concordia Life Plan Community at risk! If a resident ignores our request and decides to leave the community Concordia will ask them not to return for 2 months and may decide to terminate their residency agreement.

Can I "hang out" in the common areas around campus - even if it is just me?

Unfortunately, no. The essential reason for self-quarantine is to help mitigate risk of spreading COVID-19 and that includes staying away from common spaces around campus. Residents should only leave their apartments if they are going out for a walk or for an approved medical appointment.

Can I check out a book from the Concordia Library?

The library on campus is closed. If you would like a book, please contact the Concierge and we will make every effort to have one delivered to your room.

Can I stay with or visit friends/family?

You may, but you will NOT be able to return to Concordia Life Plan Community until the self- quarantine policy is lifted. If you choose to stay away from Concordia, plan on being gone for at least 2 months. Please notify the Concierge before you leave and provide your e-mail address and a cell phone number so we can stay in contact with you while you are away. We will communicate with you if this time frame can be shortened.

How long will all of this last?

We do not know at this point. It will be in place for the foreseeable future. Please know these limitations are implemented to help keep you safe & healthy and are in accordance with CDC, CMS and other local and federal government guidelines.

Can I take walks outside?

Yes! We encourage you to do so. You may only walk the roads and walking paths of the campus. You are encouraged to practice social distancing - so 6 feet away from other walkers, do not congregate. Please do not use this as an opportunity to meet up outside with visitors (or family, friends, etc.). Please leave the community via the nearest exit and return using the main entrance. When re-entering the community, please stay 6 ft. away from the other people entering the community. First floor residents may leave and return through their patio doors. If you go out for a walk, you are required to wear a mask the entire time you are out of your apartment.

Can I walk the halls of Concordia Life Plan Community for exercise?

No. Walking in the halls is not within our self-quarantine procedures. We need to limit the amount of exposure to all and exercise walking in halls will increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.

How do I get groceries/sundries?

You may not go to the grocery store and shop for groceries. Lifestyles and Dining has put in place a system to help you with any necessities you may need. Please contact the valet for items needed (405-417-1332). Also, you may have family members/friends deliver your groceries to the main entrance
and we will disinfect them and deliver them to your residence.

Can my family or friends stay with me or visit with me outside?

No, unfortunately not at this time. Please remind your family members that visitors are not allowed on our property unless they are dropping items off. Friends and family members are not allowed to visit you outside while you are on a walk or at your window or balcony. Visitors create too much of a risk to everyone at Concordia.

What do I do about trash?

Please place your trash outside your door daily between the hours of 7:00-9:00 A.M. and housekeeping will come by and pick it up. If you have items to recycle, please bag them separately as we still have a regular recycling pick up.

Can I walk my dog?

Yes, you may walk your dog outside. You are encouraged to practice social distancing - so 6 feet away from other walkers, do not congregate. Wear your mask the entire time you are out of your apartment. In this case, for first floor residents please leave outside your patio door.

My pet is sick. Can I take them to the vet?

No. However, you're encouraged to ask an outside family member or friend to take your pet to the vet. If a problem arises, let the Concierge know and we will do all we can to help.

I'm enjoying the meal delivery by Dining Services. Can I customize my order?

Due to the volume of meals being delivered three times a day, meal order customization is not available. However, Dining Services offers vegetarian and gluten-sensitive meals. Let us know if that is something you would like to request 405-720-7200.

When are meals delivered?

Dining services strives to have the breakfast delivery made between 7:00 – 9:00 a.m., lunch between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and the dinner meal will be delivered between 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. As a reminder we are offering 3 meals a day and are not charging for meals above your normal meal plan. However, if you don’t need 3 meals a day, don’t feel obligated to order all 3 meals.

What should I do if I think I am getting sick?

If you have symptoms of a respiratory illness (cough, fever, shortness of breath), immediately contact the Concierge by phone for guidance. Concordia staff will assist you with next steps.

What is Concordia Life Plan Community doing about vendors and construction workers?

Concordia Life Plan Community has put a halt on all construction projects and are only limiting vendor entrance to those that fall under the ‘medically necessary’ category. These individuals are put through our screening process at the front entrance and are given facemasks to wear.

My accountant would like to meet with me about my taxes, is that possible?

Meeting in person (on campus, outside or off campus), is not allowed at this time. However, conference calling, FaceTime, or a Zoom meeting can take place. If you need help delivering tax documents, please call the Concierge for assistance. The IRS has extended the filing deadline to July 15, 2020.

What should I do in the event of a tornado warning?

Please watch the weather closely as this is the time of year when we may have tornado outbreaks. If there is a tornado warning in our area, please follow the protocols outlined in our handbook and take shelter in the Fitness Center. If you must take shelter, wear a mask the entire time you are out of your apartment.

How is the Concordia Life Plan Community staff holding up?

Our staff has showcased their continued commitment to our residents during this time. The employees continue to do their best to provide ongoing exceptional service and compassionate care. All of us have two concerns: you (our Concordia residents) and our own families. While some services have been put on hold, all Concordia employees have ongoing tasks to better serve you and keep you safe and healthy.

Do all these protocols also apply to Patio Home residents?

Yes, patio home residents are expected to follow all the protocols outlined in this document.

Can I get Housekeeping Services?

Housekeepers are concentrating on the high touch areas and the Health Service areas at this time. If you need housekeeping, please call the concierge and we will do our best to provide a limited service. We are working on a way for residents to request a vacuum.

I am having a difficult time with this isolation, what resources are available to me?

Concordia staff will continue to call our residents each day M-F and are happy to check on you and visit with you. If you would like to talk to someone else, we are working on some resources of professionals that can help you deal with this difficult situation. We will share detailed information about that in the next few days.

When do I need to wear a mask and what mask do I wear?

If you leave your apartment for an approved reason (approved reasons are limited to taking a walk outside and going to an approved medically necessary appointment). In this case, wear the medical type mask that you were issued.

If a staff member enters your apartment. In this case you can wear the homemade mask that you were issued or any other material to cover your nose and mouth. Your nose and mouth must be covered the entire time a staff member is present in your apartment.

Are staff members required to wear a mask?

Yes, all Concordia staff members have been issued a medical type mask and are required by CMS to wear them the entire time they are in the building. This also applies to anyone that is allowed to enter Concordia.

Can I come to the Concierge desk for help or to drop off items?

No, there is no reason for a resident to physically go to the Concierge desk. If you need help from the Concierge, please call them. If you have a package to pick up, please call the Concierge and leave the item outside your door and someone will pick it up.

What happens if I need to call 911?

We recently received information from EMSA, the Fire Department and the OKC police that if they respond to a 911 call, they will not enter our building. Concordia staff are expected to take residents outside the community to meet the first responders or to take the resident to the nearest exit to meet the first responders. If you call 911, please notify the Concierge so we can assist you outside before the first responders arrive.

What will Concordia do if a resident tests positive for COVID-19?

We continue to take strict precautions and pray that we don’t find ourselves in this situation. However, we understand that we need to be prepared. Our strategy team has been and continues to plan for this scenario. Our state is working on potential options but right now we are unsure of what those plans will be. At this time, if a resident tests positive and is not able to receive care in the hospital or another location, we are making plans for isolation areas at Concordia to help protect our staff and residents.

Is Concordia admitting new residents?

At this time, Concordia is not admitting new residents into any of our levels of care as a precaution to help protect our community. If a Concordia resident does have to go out to the hospital, we are required by CMS to make sure they get a COVID-19 test prior to returning or upon their return to Concordia.

What can I do to help?

  • Please say a daily prayer for Concordia, our residents, staff, families, our city, state, country and world.
  • Stay in your apartment and follow the guidelines that we set forth even if you don’t like or agree with them.
  • Wear your mask if you leave your apartment for an approved reason.
  • Cover your mouth and nose if a staff member or other approved person has to enter your apartment.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Call your neighbors to visit with and check on them.
  • Make a monetary donation to Concordia to help offset our additional expenses related to the pandemic.
  • Take care of yourself
    • Don’t watch the news all day long. It is healthy to take a break from the non-stop COVID-19 coverage.
    • Take advantage of the services and activities that we are offering and provide us feedback with your ideas for how we can help you during this difficult time.
    • Take up a new hobby-we can help you order resources and supplies if needed.
    • Read a book.
    • Do some spring cleaning.
    • Exercise in your apartment.
    • Write notes/letters to your family and neighbors.
    • Count your blessings-as difficult as this is, we still have a lot to be thankful for!

Thank you for your cooperation during this time. We appreciate your patience and efforts! Please understand our practices are subject to change based on new information we receive from government and public health officials.

Protocol Summary:

In an effort to keep residents and staff at Concordia Life Plan Community safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Concordia Independent Living residents and staff operated under what we identified as a Protect Phase from March 11, 2020 – June 9, 2020. These protocols apply to the staff and Independent Living members of the community, with additional protocols in place for members in other levels of care. To learn more about Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Rehab and Long-Term Care services, please contact us here.

Overview of Protect Phase measures for Independent Living residents:

  • Single point of entry/exit established to include screening*(Definition at the bottom).
  • No outside guests allowed in the building unless required for essential care.
  • All staff provided masks to be worn at all times while on property.
  • Residents provided with masks to be worn inside their apartment home if staff are to enter, as well as a mask to wear while outdoors to exercise or attend medical appointments.
  • All staff screened* upon arrival at work and periodically throughout the day.
  • Weekly COVID-19 lab testing of residents and staff.
  • Staff required to commit to working at Concordia exclusively to prevent spread potential.
  • Only essential/direct care-related employees allowed to work in the community. All other team members worked remotely.
  • Residents asked to shelter in place and to avoid hosting others in their homes.
  • Common areas inside the building closed.
  • Family/friends provided with a drop off location for any items they may wish delivered to their loved ones. Staff executed delivery.
  • Dining services delivered three meals a day, to all residents. This was no contact delivery, further ensuring the safety of residents and staff.
  • Mail delivered directly to residents' homes each day to provide additional non-contact service.
  • Lifestyles team members worked diligently to provide residents with engagement materials to encourage continued wellness and enrichment.
  • Staff provided valet shopping services for residents' personal needs. This allowed residents to enjoy the items they prefer, and provided them with the ability to remain at home and avoid the risk of shopping in person.
  • Residents can visit with family members anywhere outside the building without appointments as long as they are using social distancing guidelines and still abide by recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Guests will need to be screened* and wear a mask upon arrival.
  • Medical appointments needed to be approved by Concordia's Medial Director. If the resident went out for a medical appointment, they had to quarantine for 14 days. The resident was also tested and monitored until a test come back negative.
  • To limit staff/resident interaction, Housekeeping and Maintenance was offered on an as-needed basis.

Overview of Recovery Phase I for Independent Living residents:

Residents will be permitted to leave campus to conduct essential business (as stated in Governor Kevin Stitt's Executive Order)
Concordia team will continue all services, as stated in Protective Phase, to provide residents the opportunity to continue to shelter in place and limit their risk of exposure.

  • An exit and re-entry process will be implemented – residents will be asked to report their departure from the community and provide information about their experience/interactions while out, upon their return. Based off of that information, Concordia infection control team members will access if a quarantine/community activity restriction might be required.
  • Family members may visit residents without an appointment but must be screened* prior to the visit and wear a mask while on campus. Physical distancing is required and designated visiting areas have been provided for convenience.
  • Group activities will resume but will be reflective of CDC requirements. Residents will be asked to make a reservation to participate or use fitness center.
  • Transportation is limited to medical appointments only.

To remain in Recovery Phase I, Concordia will require that residents and staff can remain safe and healthy. If COVID-19 cases rise to a dangerous level in our county, if equipment becomes lacking or personnel become compromised, Concordia will re-enter into the Protection Phase in whole or in part, as necessary.

* Our licenses area requirements change daily based on state requirements. For more information please contact

* Screening Definition: Screenings include a temperature check, pulse ox check, and questionnaire of outings and current symptoms are monitored.


An update on COVID-19 from Concordia CEO, Danny Eischen

Update as of June 19 for Concordia Family Members and Friends:
Concordia residents, families and friends,
As we continue our efforts to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy during this time, we wanted to provide you with an update. Last week, Governor Stitt announced Amended Executive Order 2020-20, which allows long-term care facilities to begin a phased approach for welcoming visitors. The Governor referenced guidelines put out by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) including steps communities like Concordia were encouraged to take before they opened their doors. Since the announcement, OSDH has announced record-breaking COVID cases throughout Oklahoma. Nation-wide cases have increased, as well. Oklahoma’s data regarding confirmed COVID cases can be found here
Initially, we planned to release our guidelines for visitations today; however, the recent uptick in cases has caused us to adjust our guideline release date and to, instead, focus on monitoring Oklahoma’s cases over the weekend and into next week. We feel a measured approach to visitation is in the best interest of our residents and staff. 
We will continue to monitor cases in Oklahoma and nation-wide. At Concordia, we are family, and our community’s health is our top priority. We are thankful for the positive feedback and continued support we’ve received during this unique time. For questions regarding our visitation process or for updates, please call 405-720-7200. 
May God Bless You!
Danny Eischen, CEO
CLICK HERE for answers to some of the most common COVID-19 questions

Update as of June 12 for Concordia Family Members and Friends:
Concordia residents, families and friends,
I hope you are well. As we work diligently to keep our residents and staff members safe and healthy during this time, we wanted to provide an update regarding Governor Stitt’s recent announcement. In the announcement, Governor Stitt issued Amended Executive Order 2020-20 which allows for long-term care facilities to begin a phased approach for welcoming visitors, effective June 15. The Governor references guidelines put out by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) who offered recommendations and steps communities like Concordia should take before they begin opening their doors. These guidelines can be reviewed in full here.
We have assessed all documents and information available including the Governor’s announcement and OSDH’s guidelines and have consulted internally and throughout the community. We are eager to welcome our residents’ loved ones, family members and friends back, and we feel that in order to do so in a safe, effective way that we will take the upcoming week to craft a clear plan to help make visitations seamless, safe and beneficial for everyone. We anticipate that by June 19, we will be able to provide you with the details of how Concordia will proceed with visits and the other areas outlined in the OSDH guidance. 
We understand this is an unprecedented time for both residents and loved ones and are continually thankful for the enormous support we’ve received over the past several months. The health of our residents and staff is our top priority, and we truly believe that we are all in this together. For questions regarding our visitation process, please call 405-720-7200. 
May God Bless You!
Danny Eischen, CEO

Update as of May 2 for Concordia Family Members and Friends:

Concordia Residents, Staff and Family Members:

As you all are aware, our state has started to open up again this weekend. This change has created a lot of questions about how the operations at Concordia will be impacted.

I know everyone is very eager for us to be able to ease and ultimately lift the restrictions that we have had to put in place. We have all been praying for and looking forward to the day when this can be done. Unfortunately, that day has not yet arrived for us, but we remain hopeful that it is coming soon.

For the time being we must continue to be diligent in our protective measures and keep all of them in place. In fact, we have to be even more diligent because as our state opens up it actually puts Concordia more at risk. As people begin to interact to a greater degree out in the public, the chance for the virus to spread increases, which places our staff more at risk when they are away from work.

In addition, the requirements and recommendations from CMS, CDC and OSDH related to our operations have not been scaled back, so until that changes we will continue to operate with these measures in place.

I know this message is not the response that everyone wants to hear and it is not the response that I want to be giving, but it is what we need to do for now.

There is hope though. We know at some point, and we pray it is in the near future, we will be able to ease off on our restrictions. We are in the process of putting plans together of what this will look like and how we can safely allow our residents to return to a lifestyle that allows more interaction with each other. We don’t know when the time will come that this plan can be enacted, but it will largely depend on what happens at Concordia, in our city and our state over the next few weeks. Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

May God Bless You!

Danny Eischen 

Update as of April 4 for Concordia Family Members and Friends:

Concordia Family Members:

Yesterday we received notice from CMS that all residents must cover their nose and mouth anytime a staff member is in their room. To help us be in compliance with this mandate we have taken the following steps:

  • We circulated a letter to our residents and issued each of them a homemade mask. The homemade mask is not the only option for them to cover their nose and mouth when a staf member is in the room, they can also use a paper towel, bandana or some other covering.
  • We have notified our staff of this requirement and asked them to not enter a room unless the resident is compliant with this request and to immediately notify their supervisor if a resident has a concern about following this mandate.

Other steps we have recently taken to help protect our residents include:

  • Earlier this week we issued our residents a medical type mask with instructions that this mask is to be worn anytime a resident is outside of their room or apartment. We asked that they take care of these masks and reuse them as our supply of masks is limited. We reminded our residents that the only approved reason for them to leave their room/apartment is if they are going outside for a walk or to a medical appointment approved by our Medical Director. For residents in Skilled Nursing and Memory Support, we are having our staff keep their masks for them and issue them as needed.
  • Last week we implemented a policy that all Concordia staff and essential visitors have to wear a medical mask the entire time they are in our building.

We understand the new practices and protocols we have to put in place are difficult for our residents and we
are doing our best to help them through this.

Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time and for your continued prayers. If you are not receiving
notices from us by e-mail and would like to, please call 405-720-7200 with your e-mail address so we can add
you to that distribution.

May God Bless You!

Danny Eischen 

Update as of April 2 for Concordia Family Members and Friends:

Concordia Family Members:

I pray this letter finds everyone doing as well as can be expected during this time.  I want you to know how much the staff truly appreciates your patience and positive feedback for the changes that we have had to adopt to help keep everyone at Concordia safe.  I know these changes have been difficult on you and your loved ones as we have asked and required a dramatic shift in their daily activity.  Please know that our staff continue to do our best to keep services going and find creative ways to help our residents make the best of this situation. 

We also continue to stay updated on the latest information from the CDC, CMS, local and state health departments as well as our local, state and federal government.  Our leadership team is spending most of our day listening to webinars and conference calls and reading information that we are provided from these various sources.  There is an overwhelming amount of information being provided to us which has helped guide our decision making and daily
planning conversations.  As this is an ever evolving situation it is important that we stay connected to the latest information so we can make adjustments as timely as possible.  To that end, we continue to ask for your patience as we may have to continue to change procedures quickly even if they are contrary to a previous communication. 

As we see the number of cases increase around Oklahoma County, it is important that everyone remembers to follow the information below that is being required for residents in senior living communities:

-Our residents are asked to stay in their apartment/room.  The Governor of our state has issued an Executive Order with this requirement.  Concordia staff are still available to run errands for our residents and help provide them with anything they might need. Any item that a resident needs to drop off for someone a staff member will bring it downstairs to the drop off location.  It is critical at this time that everyone follows this guideline and residents don’t come down to the Concierge desk to ask questions or leave items. 

-If residents would like to go for a walk outside that is still allowed.  We are asking our residents to be mindful not to get on the elevator at the same time as another resident and not to be in close proximity in the hallways.  As residents re-enter the building from their walk, we are reminding them to stay 6 feet apart from others who may be coming in to the community at the same time.  While on a walk, we ask residents to please stay 6 feet apart from others who are walking and don’t use this as a time to congregate outside.  For residents in Health Services who need assistance walking, we will do our
best to provide a staff member to assist them.  

– If a resident has an approved medically necessary appointment outside Concordia, upon return they must remain in their apartment for 14 days and allow staff to take their temperature daily and monitor them for any symptoms.  During this 14-day time frame, residents need to remain in their apartment and not go outside for a walk. 

-As reinforced by the Governor’s Executive Order, visitors are not allowed on Concordia property.  At this time, we are still allowing families to drop off items at the main entrance.  Families are not allowed on our property to visit with residents outside or through their doors or windows.   

-We ask that everyone take the above policies seriously.  In a recent call with the
Oklahoma State Department of Health, they stressed the importance of communities communicating the importance of this and doing whatever we can to enforce this-even if that means terminating agreements with residents who are not willing to comply with these necessary mandates that if violated will put everyone at Concordia at risk.     

I know the tone of this letter probably sounds harsh and I wish that our situation was different and didn’t require this type of direct communication or such a drastic change in procedures. 

I, like you, am looking forward to the day when these restrictions will be lifted and we can all be together again.   

In the meantime, please continue to pray for each other, our staff, our residents, our families, our state, our country and our world.  Even though we are apart, our act of prayer is something that can bring us together and is the most powerful and important resource that we have.       

May God Bless You! 

Danny Eischen 

Update as of March 23 for Concordia Family Members and Friends:

We would like to thank the number of you who have reached out to ask how you can support Concordia.Like all healthcare environments we are doing our best to keep supplies available, to protect residents and staff.We would welcome the following donated items:
  • Masks
  • Gowns
  • Homemade Masks
  • Cotton & Cotton flannel Fabric &  ¼” elastic for making homemade masks
  • Disinfectants:
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Lysol/Clorox Aerosols
    • Disinfectant Wipes
  • 100 piece or less puzzles
  • Word search books
  • Crossword puzzle books
  • Adult coloring books
  • Colored pencils and markers
  • Current magazines
To make a donation, please contact us at or call 405-720-7700.

Update as of March 17 for Concordia Family Members and Friends:

Thank you for your patience and support as we update you on the latest information from Concordia regarding our response to COVID-19. 

We continue to follow the requirements of government agencies and public health officials and have instituted the following:

  • Our no visitation policy remains in effect.  We also continue to discourage residents from leaving the building except in cases of a medical emergency or a medically necessary appointment.  We will consult with our Medical Director to make the determination if an appointment is medically necessary.
  • If a resident chooses to leave the community for any reason, we will most likely require a 14-day period of quarantine in their room or apartment where we will continue to provide services to them and monitor them daily for signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If you are interested in and capable of having your loved one stay in your home or the home of a family member for the duration of this situation, you are free to make that decision and we will work with you on gathering belongings and medications.  We will also offer you a credit to your monthly service fee during this time.  The amount of this credit will be determined at a later time.

To help ensure services are continuing in the safest manner possible, we have taken the following steps:

  • We have closed the dining rooms and are delivering food directly to resident rooms.  Our staff members are assisting residents who need help with eating in their rooms.
  • We have discontinued all group activities in the community.
  • We have free valet service and are running errands for our residents.  Residents and families are encouraged to call our valet staff at 405-417-1332 to place orders or send an e-mail to
  • Our lifestyle staff continues to deliver mail, newspaper and snacks to resident rooms and are going room to room to help residents connect with family members.
  • We have limited our housekeeping to common areas only in IL and AL and are increasing the disinfecting of all common areas.
  • We have limited our maintenance staff to on-call only.
  • We continue to allow only essential staff and essential health care providers in the building if they pass our screening procedures.
  • If you have anything you need to pick up or drop off for your family member, that will take place between the double doors of the main Independent Living entrance.  Please call us in advance to make those arrangements.

On another note, if you would like to initiate communication to your family member, feel free to mail letters via the USPS or send video clips to the e-mail address and we will make sure they get to your loved one.

Most importantly, please pray for Concordia and our residents and staff during this time and take assurance that God is still in control.

Thank you again for your patience and support.  We are doing our best to make every effort to answer all questions and accommodate all requests as well as update you as we make changes to our operations. 

Update as of March 12 for Concordia Family Members and Friends:

Concordia Life Plan Community has taken a proactive approach to the COVID-19 outbreak. At this time, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the community.

Our mission is to meet the current and continuing needs of seniors of all beliefs in a safe, secure and supportive environment. In compliance with guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and recommendations from public health officials, Concordia has implemented a special set of protocols out of an abundance of caution for its residents and staff.

As of March 11, Concordia began:

  • Limiting entry for any non-essential visitors
  • Postponing activities inside and outside the community
  • Encouraging residents to stay in the community
  • Offering alternative options for residents to make sure they receive proper care
  • Screening staff, residents and visitors who enter the community

Prior to March 11, Concordia was already:

  • Encouraging staff who feel ill to stay home
  • Providing continuing education to staff on hand washing and infection control
  • Enhancing cleaning and disinfecting around the community

Concordia understands the importance of being able to connect with your loved ones during this time, which is why its working on creative ways to continue communication and will reach out to families with more information in the next coming days. For specific questions or concerns email


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