Include a statement of faith in your will or trust.

A Christian Preamble is a way for you to begin your will or trust with a simple, personal statement of faith. It is a lasting opportunity to proclaim your love of the Lord to family and friends.

When planning a will or trust, many people focus only on distributing their money, property and possessions. A Christian Preamble allow you to share your true wealth: your belief in Jesus Christ and His gift of everlasting life.

A Christian Preamble is:

  • A source of comfort to mourning family and friends. They are reassured that their loved one died in faith, sure of God’s promise of eternal life.
  • A powerful message of love and encouragement, urging others to trust in Jesus Christ and strengthen their own faith.
  • A public record of Christian love (when used with a will). Because a will is filed in probate court, a Christian Preamble becomes a public record.

You can write your own Christian Preamble. Perhaps you want to include favorite Bible verses. You can offer your final prayers for loved ones, mentioning them by name and encouraging them to grow in faith.

Contact your Gift Planning Counselor/Financial Advisor who will prepare a detailed outline of the statements you want to make in your Christian Preamble.

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