Blog / Concordia Hosts Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma Executive Director Bruce McIntyre

Concordia Hosts Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma Executive Director Bruce McIntyre

The Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma works to inspire hope and transform life for Parkinson’s patients and families in Oklahoma. Last week, Concordia Life Care Community hosted the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma Executive Director, Bruce McIntyre, to discuss empowering approaches to aging with Parkinson’s.

Figure 1: From left to right: Concordia resident Helen Blaney, Wellness Coordinator Chris Coleman, Parkinson Foundation Executive Director Bruce McIntyre and Concordia resident Ramona Duff pose together after the Progress with Parkinson’s event on July 8, 2019.

Concordia residents enjoyed a presentation from McIntyre (right) discussing the study and treatment of Parkinson’s, as well as the unique approaches and programs that are available for those impacted by the disease. Concordia’s Wellness Coordinator Chris Coleman (left) joined McIntyre to discuss programs like Concordia’s Rock Steady Boxing Program which helps individuals fight back against the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Figure 2: Concordia residents watch The Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma Executive Director Bruce McIntryre’s educational presentation about aging with Parkinson’s.

Strengthening the Mind, Body and Spirit

Concordia believes in the power of maintaining mental and physical fitness. Just like human bodies need physical activities to say fit, an active brain is vital to memory support and keeping a young, healthy mind. This event is just one example of the resources Concordia provides for residents to strengthen the aging mind, body and spirit.

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