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How to Avoid Scams Targeting Seniors

Scams target seniors for a variety of reasons. Some people think seniors are easy targets. Others think seniors have larger bank accounts. And others think seniors are too polite to say no. If you think you’ve been the victim of a scam, report it. Financial scams among seniors often go unreported, which leaves the scammer free to do it again. If you’ve never been scammed but are worried about it happening to you, your best bet is to understand the …

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Learn how to avoid scams targeting seniors.

Healthy Aging: Can You Slow Down the Process?

When your birthday rolls around, what do you do? Most people celebrate in some fashion. Life is certainly worth celebrating, and every year you’re alive is a gift. But as you get older, do you still feel like celebrating? Are you reluctant about aging, or do you welcome it with open arms? One way to feel better about the aging process is to know what to expect and how to make the most of it through healthy aging habits. If …

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Can you slow the aging process

Best Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

An important part of aging is being able to stay as independent, active and engaged as possible. This can be accomplished through exercise and focusing on your health. Studies show that we need to get 150 minutes of heart-pumping exercise per week. The good news? These exercises don’t have to be very intense or difficult to perform. In fact, low-impact exercises for seniors tend to work the best and are easier to maintain over time. Better still, low-impact exercises are …

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Senior woman doing low-impact exercises with her trainer

Normal Age-Related Memory Loss vs. Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

For many aging adults, those little lapses in memory lightheartedly referred to as “senior moments” seem to increase every week. There have probably been several instances where you can’t remember the aisle your car is parked in, or perhaps an incident where you walk into a room with a purpose in mind, only to have no idea what you needed when you get there. This forgetfulness is often a normal part of the aging process due to some of the …

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Senior discussing whether her memory loss could be signs of Alzheimer’s disease with her doctor

How to Avoid Isolation in the Winter

When older adults live alone in their homes, their chances of becoming socially isolated greatly increase. Perhaps a spouse has recently passed away, or a close friend moved to a warmer climate, leaving you with less of a support network. Or, maybe there’s a lack of public transportation in your area, and you often spend extended periods of time alone in your home. Over the winter, the risk of senior isolation escalates even further. Inclement weather makes travel difficult, even …

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Seniors avoiding isolation and loneliness over the winter

Understanding Memory Loss & Memory Care Communities

Originally posted on MyLifeSite. It is normal for older people to experience lapses in memory every now and again, or sometimes have a difficult time remembering a name. But when does the occasional “senior moment” become cause for true concern about a person’s mental state? And what should you do to help and keep safe a loved one with memory issues? Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease Memory problems including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are increasingly common as America’s population ages. Dementia …

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Understanding Memory Loss

When Memory Issues Are Cause for Concern

Originally posted on myLifeSite. A concern that is commonly voiced by adult children is that their aging parent is beginning to get forgetful. Maybe they are losing their keys more frequently. Perhaps they uncharacteristically failed to pay some bills on time. Such changes can seem especially pronounced for those who only see their parents occasionally (such as around the holiday season that is fast-approaching). As we age, it is normal to become a bit more forgetful than we were in …

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When Memory Loss Cause for Concern

The Importance of Senior Rehabilitation

Following a hospital stay for an injury, surgery, or illness, many seniors begin a rehabilitation program designed to help them fully recover and improve their long-term health. The goal of these programs is to increase strength, mobility, and balance, as well as to improve communication skills and cognition. Some studies show that rehabilitation after an incident, like a fall, can increase a senior’s chances of returning to an independent lifestyle by up to 80 percent. Rehabilitation for Seniors – What’s …

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Senior man ensuring a successful recovery by taking part in a senior rehabilitation program

Why “When Something Happens” is Too Late: Choosing the Best Living Options for Senior Couples in Need of Additional Care

One of the more difficult decisions couples face is deciding where to turn when one spouse is independent but the other is experiencing health issues that require additional support. The choice typically comes down to two options: bring in home health, or find a new living option that can assist the spouse in need while supporting the independence of the other. Whether you are the healthy spouse or the adult child in the matter, it is normal to feel mixed …

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The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Health and Wellness for Seniors Older adults are living longer, healthier lives today thanks both to advances in healthcare and the knowledge that staying well helps improve our minds, bodies and souls. Wellness means much more than simply eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly; it is defined as “not only the absence of disease, illness or stress, but the presence of purpose in life, active involvement in satisfying work and play, joyful relationships, a healthy body and living environment, …

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The 8 Dimensions of Wellness